Solo trekking to Sapa with a local guide


Stuck in middle of grandiose mountains and misty paddy rice, Sapa hides a dynamic energy for travelers who want to conquer nature and embark into thrilling adventures. Are you looking for something excited to do on your next vacation? Something different that will offer you memories for a lifetime? Take your pick through breathtaking trails in Sapa to unlock the beauty of remote upland of Vietnam. Sapa medium trek gives you an opportunity to delve into indigenous culture, savor exceptional cuisine and discover biology. If you are going to trek your way through Sapa by yourself, let’s see our array of tips for on-site guide and safety.


Local guide

You can go Sapa trekking independently, but it is safer when you hire a professional guide. It is easy to find a local guide from Black mongh tribe who is competent in English, informative and very attentive. Along the way, the tour guide will show you hill tribe villages, tourist destinations and many local delicacies. The tour guide is also pleased to create a tailored itinerary that meets your personal needs.

Main trekking roads

Many Sapa guided tours offer jungle trekking in Sapa, ranging from half-day hikes, medium trekking to Fansipan mountain climbing. On the way you can visit attractions such as Ham Rong mountain, Silver water fall, Ancient rocks.

For relief from tropical climate hike the Ham Rong mountain where offers beautiful trails and cloud-encircled hills. On the go you might encounter Red Dao people working on the paddy rice and children playing around. Upon the arrival, indulge in peach forest, orchid gardens and many exotic flowers such as geraniums, cherry blossom, daisy, etc.. On the peak of Ham Rong mountain, hit the Cloud Yard and enjoy a panoramic view of Sapa town.


>> Sapa, the fanciful town in fog

Take your steps deep into local villages, you can visit hill tribe people and delve into culture. Must-visit villages include Cat Cat village, Ban Ho village, Ta Phin village, Ta Van village. You also can visit vibrant markets such as Coc Ly market, Bac Ha market, Lung Phing market where you can find colorful handcrafts, souvenirs and local food.


What to bring

You need a pair of durable hiking shoes and rubber shoes for wading through waterfalls. Wear lightweight clothing with long sleeves and pants, a hat and sunglasses, and carry an umbrella in case of sudden rain. Sunscreen, a water bottle, personal toiletries and mosquito repellent are essential. The weather becomes colder when you move to higher places so remember to bring a coat.